Gif the portrait

Well, I must admit this was a big challenge. I did not really understand the process and I am still not sure I did it according to instructions.

I think I managed to get the required size and mix elements of the portrait as requested. I cannot fathom why the size but here it is,

Animated gif by @gifadog ‘Bark like Cogdog’

It started as Jonathan’s Worth lovely portrait of Alan Levine,


I then wanted to find a way to have the portrait somehow emerge from this animated gif I made from a video posted on Twitter yesterday,

Animated Gif by @gifadog ‘Educational debate on the web’

My idea was to suggest from the image:

“You can either fight like dogs or be like Cogdog when you think about the web.”

I wanted to follow on from the ideas of the previous post about Aaron to say the Internet is both-and not either-or. Yet another #big fail. I cannot see how to combine the two gifs….yet.

I made a huge portrait gif just because I can an posted in Gfycat. Check it!

Here are a few examples of the stills I made for the gif. I am unsure why we had to save them but I did.

stills for the gif
stills for the gif

In conclusion, it was fun. I do feel like I have missed an important learning point about the process. Any feedback welcome, did I get the point of this assignment?

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