Bags of gold – Can’t spend them fast enough

I have done this assignment before.

I went back to my original Tumblr blog and found the post to review.

It brought home to me the reality of link rot and how it can limit long term usefulness of educational material. It contains my wonderful Read-Tapestry story on Garner Campbell ideas but….it is no more.

It closed down earlier this year. They handled the closure relatively well. Sent me perma-links to my stories and I have no idea where I put them.  I have emailed them to ask for them again, watch this space.

My biggest bag of gold is safe in You Tube still. Phew.


This was an early video I made for DS106 open. I can see much I would do differently today. May be I will redo it and post here to show to myself how much I have learnt.

It is interesting to think about making digital artefacts and its connection to having one’s own domain. I guess if I had archived my stories I would have them here now to embed in this post….does it matter enough to go through the hassle of being my own sys admin?


Tapestry are decent humans, they sent links straight away. The weaving of the web has been mended. A rabbit hole to changing all the rotten links and leaving comments to those who had used my art in their websites….done.

And you can view the story in awesome full screen too.

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