Reflection 6 – Do I want I domain of my own?

I am writing about the domain of my own separately. I have created a WordPress multisite to experiment with the idea of a canonical site that directs users to all the places I have a presence in on the web. I am blogging against how I feel in going through this process – I am lazy and I love Tumblr. Still, I think it is necessary to learn how to weave the web as part of my commitment to open practices. So, one of my sites is for #ccourses as well as #ct101and will track the ‘technico-emotional’ aspects of this experiment. (Update: #ccourses site deleted).

I have no idea how I am going to do the crossover, what is relevant for which site and why the heck am I attracted to the idea of a multisite? Appeals to my sense of order, I guess. These reflections will be part of the process during CT101 with crystal clear clarity coming on the last day?

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