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A digital practice to challenge rigidly held views, opinions and feelings that need reminding about anatta. 

As I read somewhere in the interwebz recently. Old ideas rehashed, thank god. Seth Goodman posted this in Google plus and, although it has a date of 1977, it makes a point timeless point.

I made a sound cloud on a public domain poem called The Key to the kingdom which spoke to the same themes 

The first official radio commercial for the GIFaChrome camera

Star Wars joins Instagram with an Apple Inc Selfie

CC BY SA The defenestrator

Darth Vader caused controversy when he turned up at 1 Infinite Loop to take a selfie. When welcomed by Apple staff he merely stated:

“You may dispense with the pleasantries, commander. I am here to put you back on schedule”

Clearly referring to the fact that Apple has not produced a game changing product since Steve Jobs death on October 5th 2011. He was holding the new iPad Air to take his selfie, but was clearly dismissive about Apple’s claim on the power of lightness of their new iPad,

“The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force”

After the selfie was uploaded to Instagram he turned to leave, a journalist stopped to ask him if he was not concerned about his image as the dark lord suffering as a result of this populist move. Breathing more heavily than usual, he turned, grabbed the journalist by his legs and said:

“You underestimate the power of the dark side and no, I am not your father”

The selfie uploaded to Instagram was amongst #tophits for a number of days. There is talk of R2D2 going to the Microsoft Campus and posing for an unselfie instead before joining Photoplay.

Bubbly Market remix


Sky bubbles CC BY Stellajo1976

Japanese stock market photo is public domain.

Crappy Photoshop mixing by a tired Headless Shrink!

Read the full story here.

The GIFAChrome Camera – Special Glitch Art Edition

A review by Colin the Dog 


yes, I bought a GAC camera!

As a busy dog around the countryside, I have no time to mess with GIMP layers and the like. I needed a camera that would take the hard work out of my serious animated gif work. I am glad I settled on the new GAC camera used together with the new animated gif printing services by GifPop my gift buying troubles for these holidays are over.

It has to be said that I like a pretty bitch when I meet one and, so long as they allow a sniff and a pee near them, I feel free to ask them to pose for a quick photo shoot. You can see some of my pretty conquests below. I have the special Glitch Art Edition so my photos have that added ‘arty dog about the farm’ look not achievable with the basic edition. If you can stretch to spending that little bit more, then buy the dog in your life that special edition with glitch art functionality. You need special GLITCHaCHROME 106 film for it but it is worth every penny!


When on a countryside ramble, I am not just after girls. I appreciate a sniff around the farm any day, and my GAC is invaluable when preserving beautiful Sussex skies. 


This is one was taken when my mate the Cogdog came to visit. He still uses an old fashioned non-gif-chrome camera. I don’t know who buys those any more.

For the busy dog around the countryside, one who likes the ladies as well as the scenery, there is no better camera than the GAC. Add it to your list for Santa and for goodness sake, you Headless 13 lot, get a gift fund going to get my friend the Cogdog a GAC before Friday 13th! He needs one.


Well, I am a lucky dog! The company that sells the GIFAChrome Camera read my review an look at what they made for me!


You can see a summary of my review and the original image here where you can also email requests for anything gifachrome related. Their post forgot to mention that the gif printing services are from Gifpop.io not from RockyLou productions itself. I sent an email to ask them to change that. I hear a new whizzy website is  on the cards too but still very much under wraps. Watch this space. This dog has his nose to the ground.

Stop Press! December 09 – I created my first audio on SoundCloud. 

After the nice people at Gifachrome made the lovely print above, I had to reciprocate and endorse the product beyond just words. I made them a Soundcloud!

Forever is never long enough

Good Bye #DS106 Headless 13, hello DS106 #4life

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