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Month: January 2015

My first creative edit for #noir106. It is tough to work in black and white! Original poster by Jessica Parker, new DS106 logo by Martha Burtis, I think. And adorable puppy is Eric. Tried mixing Metropolis and Typewriter fonts to see how they blended. Enough. 

three seasons. (final story)

Here is the HD at Gfycat worth a look!

So, I am starting to explore Cine Noir for this run of DS106. At the risk of being burnt at the stake, I am not interested in watching the films! Yet, I love the style of them and the way in which ‘the sets and atmosphere reflect the characters inner turmoil’ or so I read in my overview google dive last night. I also love the typography and how it uses the form to express the emotional tone of the story. It is surprisingly difficult to find out detail about the original types. I have found two fonts that I want to play with: Metropolis and   Stroke. It looks like Typewriter can also be used. So how do you get the ‘noir feel’ to an animated gif? Best way to see that was to make one from one of the most famous film Noir I know! Use of light, high contrast and that closed in vignette around the image. I noticed also that everything seems sharp and clean – clothes, posters, people and typography. I like that. How the figure gets closer and closer….scary!

I know nothing about Cine Noir. I now something about Tech Noir as most of my favourite films are about dystopian futures. 

There is a lot to learn and, heads up, creative edits of Cine Noir posters will be a pig of a job to do! 

The how of this gif will have to wait for now. The joy of being an open participant, no deadlines!

This one was too hard for gifadog!

It needed cutting up and glueing and his little paws can only use a mouse so far, so the Shrink had to step in and help. I am pretty proud of this one, it feels like (dare I say it?) I actually made some art, damn it!

It had to be done. I am so sorry.

It started with a DS106 daily create, of course. I then saw this precious little gem from Kathy Onarheim which reminded me of Brian Bennett’s excellent ‘Roll it Baby!“ and then I remembered ‘The most boring mash up ever’

The scene was set. The most boring plumbing commercial ever had to be remixed. I have been giggling for the last hour whilst making it, worth the smile I reckon.

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