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Month: March 2016

Stages of surreal with a little Viv Tree Magic thrown in. For today’s Daily Create.

I think I got this.

I think I just made a comic with several captions that demonstrate a visual-text interdependent relationship. As I understand it, the image without the words is meh and the text without the drawing is WTF. There are many different types of comic relationships between the image and the text. I am taking one at a time.

I am doing two courses on comics one a MOOC and the other a book. Blending it with: how the heck do I draw in Photoshop sprinkled with a face to face drawing class….and I am putting it all together in Comic Life. 

Oh, my! This daily was just too much fun. 

My first Žižuku poem! 

What is a Žižuku poem? You may well ask: “pick on any widely received idea and find the most clever-sounding way to invert it, so as to create a paradox, or at least the semblance of one.” The post is well worth a read though it may only amuse a few language or philosophy geeks. 

Read on if you want to know how I did it.

I read the post and got hang of the rules of the game. 

I took the subject of the Daily Create today and applied the rules to it using some of the content on the blog to help me get started. Then went to Notegraphy and looked for a template that was suitably tacky and ‘new agey’ – I wanted it to look as if the words actually meant something. Once I found the perfect template, Bob is your uncle

Lastly, I just keep laughing as I read it. Humans make wonderful nonsense generators. Just give us an arbitrary rule and we are away!

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