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Month: June 2016

Well, this was supposed to be a quick one. I wanted to gif part of my Addicted movie trailer  for today’s daily create. I decided to go with one of those easy peasy generators. This is the sucky gif it made and I could not leave it at that. I cannot leave a sucky gif out there… So, I had to go back to my own work flow: ScreenFlow, edit movie, export movie, import movie into photoshop, make the gif. The result: 27 frames, 628×590, just over 1MB and the manic timing I wanted to show how addictive DS106 can be; enacting what the gif describes by taking most of the afternoon to make something that is meant to take no more than 30 minutes! Bye for now. Heading to my DS106 anonymous meeting. 

Okay, so this was not at all close to the prompt for yesterday’s daily create. But the prompt really did not speak to me and I have been doing this for long enough to determine my own creativity rules, dagnabit!

I saw this post by Open Culture that talked about the Internet Archive’s public domain photo repository, I clicked and was lost there for a while. The latest uploads were the bugs in my wee collage above. I was taken by the little creatures and thought: a collage would be awesome! But it is such a silly thing and it would take so long in Photoshop…

To my rescue: Big huge labs. 

I thought it would take a while anyway to get the photo links over and organise the thing so that it looked good. It looks good, right? 

Well, I did not do it. Big huge labs did. Here is the magic: it can use your Flickr Favourites to create the thing for you! So, I went to Flickr selected my favourite bugs from the Archives and went back to Big huge labs. All I had to do was say use my Favourites, give them my user name and wham! The web gophers went away and produced the collage. What is incredible to me is that the layout is just as I imagined in my head. It is likely (I have not checked) that the middle photo is the largest and hence the one chosen for the middle – but it felt like web magic to type in: I want this, and to have the very thing I imagined come back to me with no effort. 

I have pro membership with Big huge labs, their tools are simple but so effective – no fancy big sell, just somebody making web magic. They rock.

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