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Month: September 2016

So, my love for making photos look old goes back to @bionicteaching and a long time. This photo of @gifadog was the first one I ever made. I used a blog post written by Tom and fell in love with the idea as well as learning a lot about how to Photoshop.

So the top photo (labelled ‘made by hand’) is the one I made. You can find it on Flickr and also read the comment there. It took a long time to make. It takes me less time now but it is still in the region of hours to get ‘just so’. I also feel a sense of ownership for each blemish I add and that makes me love the ‘old’ photo I end up with. 

Today’s Daily create asks us to use a generator for the same purpose. I was not going to do it, as I am a bit of a snob when it comes to apps and generators…but this is the Daily Create, we must obey! 

The bottom photo (labelled ‘made by generator’) is my submission for today’s daily create. Clearly much easier, upload a photo and download the ‘old’ photo. Emotional attachment to output? None.

Which do you prefer and why? 

Yet another Daily Create…actually this one was not for DS106 but as it has taken me days and days to pull together,  I thought that I could offer the .PSD file for #artdropday. So far, no takers. I guess it is a bit boring to count as art! It was made for a blog post elsewhere on the subject of our relationship to social media. You can find funnier gifs at @gifadog ‘s Tumblr, I guess.

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