The image of this 12 year old child holding on to his friends as he goes to school, will haunt me for a long time. One of his friends looks up to the sky to see if they are about to be bombed. They keep on walking. Sometimes random acts of kindness are a matter of life and death. 

The BBC video interviews Ahmad as he speaks of a friend who did not survive. 

Ahmad remembers the kindness they shared in a world that is falling apart as ‘we’ in the West sit on the sidelines, do nothing and (mostly) look for someone to blame as we profit from the war. 

The video puts at 106 the number of children who have died in Syria in September; some accounts put at 50,000 the number of dead children since the start of the conflict. 

As Ahmad remembers  that pencil and notebook, journalists ask: Where is the outrage? I feel the helplessness. 

Just some reflections for the Daily Create today. May we all find a way to act in the face of cruelty.