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Month: January 2016

I have had so much fun with these!

I promised my mate Kevin (@mr45144) to create a series of (non) motivational posters with his wonderful new neighbours. He has been taking amazing photos of these creatures and I cannot but smile and relax when I see them. These images are not about drive, try hard and success. They are about lives dedicated to idleness and relaxation. It is like each images says ‘Relax! Chill! Life is good just as it is without you interfering.’ It was that sense of ease that gave me the idea of #llamainspirations ‘the motivational posters for those who want to be just lazy’. 

So I set out today to search for fonts. I found some perfect ones that cost a fortune. Not that. I kept googling got all my bits to make the posters in Photoshop. I then spent time with the photos to find the right words to go with the image. I have the psd file and the photos, I can take requests for (non)motivational quotes if you want your very own. Just leave me a comment.

My drawing class is coming to an end and I have my final project: to create a 4 frame animation of my hedgehog character from a wee ball to open and ready for anything. So starting to learn about how hedgehogs move…it was meant to be easy. Learning to draw spines first… Here is the high res animated gif of wee hedgehog unfolding.

Our radio show for DS106 ‘The DS106 Good Spell in 106 bullets’ is back this sunday! Listen at: http://ds106rad.io/listen/ 

‘The lord of death turns the wheel of life’ in Buddhist mythology. Animated gif by me for the daily create today. The lord of death reminds us that life is impermanent and cyclical – what if the new forward were around? Hence we understand the importance of wagon wheels in western movie symbolism. May be an association too far… Source 

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