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The inspiration and the assignment. Sleep. No more information.

Village here we come!

Over the next few weeks I will be on a special mission at Prisoner 106 Village. I have been hired as the Village Shrink to work at the hospital there. In order for you to follow some of the wild posts that may be coming you will need to be familiar with The Prisoner TV series. If this is not your thing, then I suggest you ignore all the posts coming up when you see the #prisoner106 tag. If this is your thing, my employers have provided a some handy information that has enabled me to create a page that will have all my work for the Village Committee

I also have an assignment at the Bovine Village Fairy Tale Festival where I have been asked to support the Burgeron Family as they create tales of wonder from all over the world for the festival. I will be helping the matriarch of the family NanaLou to tidy up the family home to get ready for the festival – she is also concerned about the mental health of some in the family and so my shrink talents will be needed as well as my WordPress coding non-talents. I will be posting about this assignment under the tag #burgeron106. 


Well, my new avatar is a requirement from the Prisoner 106 Village. Have you got your Jim Groom’s yet? This is a challenging assignment requiring me to ‘ease’ village visitors into the ways of our village. I will be using the Blue Dispenser technique to ensure everyone is fully cooperative in the Village. You can see one of the residents drinking from the Blue Dispenser in the photo of me at work. Nothing to be afraid of. 


I just popped into the office to get my registration card. I think the Jim Groom’s make the photo. Don’t you?

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