Gifadog and I are trying to learn how to restore old classic cartoons. 

It is hard! I asked the Interwebz for help and bionicteaching helped with a Photoshop Tutorial and advise that it is slow work. It seems that my dream to find a way to clean up a whole video is now about learning to clean video frame by frame. stefaniesophie suggested learning painting technique. As I understand this, it is to learn the nature and type of different types of painting to enable you to restore old frames accurately. 

So I turned to the animated gif for help. I took an original classic cartoon from the public domain, edited in a movie editor to get only the scenes that I wanted to improve and then started to make animated gifs of the frames and clean them up.

There are an incredible number of parameters that can be adjusted in post processing with Photoshop and Premiere Pro. I have little idea of where to start. Above are our early attempts. I must admit to feeling a little like the proverbial dog with too many balls.