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My first remix! So much I do not know about editing video. I wanted freeze frames, I could not get freeze frames. I wanted to slow down a clip, could not do it…so frustrating. Anyway, the theme comes from a forthcoming book by Cory Doctorow – Information does not want to be free.
I did manage to do a picture in picture thing, I did manage to edit photos in photoshop, and I did manage to create the short film to say that how we engage with information and who owns it goes beyond cliches and negated memes. Remixing the photos from Phonar’s challenge and then adding them to a video remix. I have not followed the form filling for submission – because I am not interested in that element of the challenge.

I just wanted to make a start learning about remixing. Is it a creative act? Where is the creative act? Is it in my choice of filters in Photoshop? Is it in my ordering of video clips? The special effects chosen? The idea that everything is a remix and to some extent has always been, strikes a chord and challenges the view that creativity is originality. The underlying assumptions in what we are reading/viewing this week seems to be that creativity lies in the process of bridging the use of a known set of elements to a new narrative or purpose. Much to learn and reflect on.

It took a long time searching for the source.

This was earliest source I could find in Google Image Search, which is a great way to track the life of an image. I go to the oldest reference and search from there for copyright information. I did not succeed with this image. My search took me here to tumblr 11 months ago.  I love the picture and would like to use it but source it properly. Did you create this?

Let me know how you want attribution if used for educational purposes?

Check google image search here.

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