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Uggie, the star of The Artist, died today. He was 13 and had cancer. He had a fab little life after a tough start and (apparently) loved hotdogs… I did not know that when I made this gif or the caption could have read: Anyone said hotdogs? You were the cutest JR aside from my own gifadog of course. Rest in peace, buddy. Here he is doing tricks for Ellen, so brilliant!

My first creative edit for #noir106. It is tough to work in black and white! Original poster by Jessica Parker, new DS106 logo by Martha Burtis, I think. And adorable puppy is Eric. Tried mixing Metropolis and Typewriter fonts to see how they blended. Enough. 

Well, who would not be inspired seeing little Merlin’s photos? Using the colour sampler tool in Photoshop still evades my grasp, but did you know that there is such a thing as a Star Wars Font Generator ? That pesky green font was a worthy adversary, but I got it!

Please go to Flickr to check permissions. One of Merlin’s photo appears by special permission from Ingrid. Thank you, Ingrid.

Creative commons licensed (BY) flickr photo by mdvfunes: http://flickr.com/photos/97994829@N03/14400081830

creative commons licensed (BY) flickr photo by mdvfunes: http://flickr.com/photos/97994829@N03/14400073848

creative commons licensed (BY) flickr photo by mdvfunes: http://flickr.com/photos/97994829@N03/14577774764

The week in doggies! All thanks to a conversation on Twitter. An emergent DS106 assignment ‘Remix (in a dog appropriate manner) a Bond movie title and create a poster’. I learnt more about Photoshop from trying to do a good job of these ‘silly posters’ than I have in a long time. 

Starring: Daphne as Miss Doggy Galore, Gifadog as Colin Bond, Spike as E. Cowfield, Abby as the Digital Diva and Chewy as the werewolf puppy

‘Children and Daphne’ by Jim Groom ‘Bones are forever’ by Viv Rolfe ‘Reeborn’ and ‘Cop Pup’ by Ron L the other posters by the DS106 Shrink.

Yes, I know the last 2 do not fit the Bond theme. The translation machine (me!) from Twitter to Google Plus was faulty and the assignment got re-interpreted there but Chewy is too cute not to include here. 

Who knows what else might get remixed. May be we can start #posterfight to complement #giffight ?

What fun to delete my least favourite Bond from the poster!

More Photoshop practice – I can’t stop now! Thanks to @cogdog for the film title and @gifadog for posing so beautifully.

Yes, I will blog my process if anyone wants me to. Just ask. It was long and involved lots of layers as usual.

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