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These are the last 9 days using the #gridsgestures activity to reflect on the day.

I have spoken before about how it is helping me learn about comics.  

These last 9 days have done that too but I have focussed much more on the reflective quality of the activity. Making the commitment to do one daily, has me thinking about the essence of my day through the day. That is a nice thing. What is the most relevant thing that I will want to put into this abstract comic format at the end of a day? I think about the flow of my day, key things that happened and how then to describe in a page with no words, not drawings just panels and marks…yes, I cheat a little but it is nice to learn about ‘written sound’ in comic, or asemic writing to make it seem like words but not words….I have also experimented with different media this time and have gone back to pencil! I like pencil. 

Thank you @nsousanis for a great learning space. 

I think I got this.

I think I just made a comic with several captions that demonstrate a visual-text interdependent relationship. As I understand it, the image without the words is meh and the text without the drawing is WTF. There are many different types of comic relationships between the image and the text. I am taking one at a time.

I am doing two courses on comics one a MOOC and the other a book. Blending it with: how the heck do I draw in Photoshop sprinkled with a face to face drawing class….and I am putting it all together in Comic Life. 

My drawing class is coming to an end and I have my final project: to create a 4 frame animation of my hedgehog character from a wee ball to open and ready for anything. So starting to learn about how hedgehogs move…it was meant to be easy. Learning to draw spines first… Here is the high res animated gif of wee hedgehog unfolding.

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