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The village psychiatrist was inspired by our resident dreamer’s calming morning announcement into creating her first full track of calming music. I have titled it ‘Something mental to aid sleep’.  Here at the hospital we are always concerned with the well being of our prisoners residents and this track should be safe to listen to just as you are settling into bed after soothing day of passeggiata in the village. Enjoy.

Behind the scenes

I have been meaning to learn how to use the new Garageband for a while. So after several tutorials and muttering that the old one was better, I managed to stay with it and learn. It looks like it will even teach you how to play an instrument now. But that is for another day. 

Today I just decided to make on track. I had forgotten how much I like to edit sound. Up here, down here, left a bit right a bit….much fun.

Credits to: Ms Talky Tina with material from the archives, to 

Riccardo Colombo for a lovely background to all my craziness from Jamendo. The rest is my own bits an bobs and GarageBand’s own amazing new sound effects and loops. I had like 10 tracks mixing and blending. Rest well after you listen, if you dare. And I note that Ms Tina did actually put a coma in. Who is N1? You are, number 6. Mystery solved as Ms Tina knows the truth. 

And you know what would help us great deal? If both village committees got together and we had to practice the same type of thing each week. This week design in fairy tales and then audio with the prisoners. This shrink is pooped. 

Happy 1000th Daily Create to all of us


With this being TDC number 1000, our odometer is rolling over to a new row of numbers. Combine, remix, collage at least three images from previous TDCs to show the POWER of the Daily Create:

Will you be around for TDC10000 ? #4life and beyond…

Thanks Tim, Brian and Zack for providing awesome art to remix today.

“Even when it rains the daily create shows us the way”

Walking on Eggshells: Borrowing Culture in the Remix Age

You say ‘How original!’. I say ‘You don’t know the reference.’

One more step towards open sharing.

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