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Well, this was supposed to be a quick one. I wanted to gif part of my Addicted movie trailer  for today’s daily create. I decided to go with one of those easy peasy generators. This is the sucky gif it made and I could not leave it at that. I cannot leave a sucky gif out there… So, I had to go back to my own work flow: ScreenFlow, edit movie, export movie, import movie into photoshop, make the gif. The result: 27 frames, 628×590, just over 1MB and the manic timing I wanted to show how addictive DS106 can be; enacting what the gif describes by taking most of the afternoon to make something that is meant to take no more than 30 minutes! Bye for now. Heading to my DS106 anonymous meeting. 

Paul Miller disconnected from the Internet for a year. At the end of that year, this is how he says he felt. Discuss.

Animated Gif by gifadog from original film footage by In Limbo TV.  See better version on Gfycat 

Relaxing with a daily create gif tonight. Tried Todd’s quaint way and I like it! 

“The Mind’s I " by The DS106 Shrink

Cindy said in her post:

"Looking for an inspiration, I searched for ‘mind’s eye’ …”

She also said she was not a gif maker so I thought I would make a few gifs for her post.

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