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A story in two images and in two sentences: We live, we die….

We live

We die

A story in two images and in two sentences: We live, we die. (Click in the images for full effect)

My favourite tree in the whole world, the Handkerchief tree and I got to see the flowers be born, live and die this summer. Photos mine.


A Tribute to Discomfort: Insights from National Geographic Photographer Cory Richards [VIDEO]

Sweat for your craft. Beauty entails its opposite.

Train your attention now

No time to lose

when things fall apart.

In this very life,

Wise up.

I decided to comply and do yesterday’s daily create properly this morning. In reviewing several spine poems I noticed I was attracted to short ones ( i.e. those that had fewer books) and I noticed one in particular that lined up the titles of the books as if it were the written word. I liked that. I worked quite a long time with the composition of the photo and when I opened it in Photoshop, there was nothing I wanted to edit. Result. 

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