This was fun! 

Daily create today asked for a shoefie for Howard and I decided to do it.

Yesterday’s daily create prompted us to reflect on ‘the one that got away’ and I struggled with the prompt for all sorts of reasons.

Today I put the two creates together. 

A few years ago, when I was too old (according to whom?) to buy pink Timberlands, I bought a pair. I loved these shoes so much, but I rarely wore them. I was worried that people would think I was just ‘too old’ to wear such shoes. 

They stayed in their box for a long time. One day a friend was searching for a pair of shoes for his daughter and we happened to be the same size. I gave them away. 

I still miss them. 

So my pink Timberlands are the ones that got away and also my ‘shoefie’ for today. I wanted to add a flavour of the ‘worst possible taste’ which we also had on the Daily Create this week with our worst album covers remixes. I searched for the ugliest frame I could find to add to my creation. Voila! 3 Daily Creates in 1:

“The worst ‘shoefie’ of the pair that got away”

For howardrheingold