….But not to be viewed by anyone!

I followed this tutorial and it worked beautifully. It is old and it reminded of the loss iWeb (which brought a tear to my eye) but it was clear and it worked. I made chapters, I added photos, I took time to add URLs for each chapter for ease of reference as well as a title and once it uploads to SoundCloud you lose all the extras. 

As you expect from me now, a failure first. I tried to remix the podcast in Audacity – the plan was to produce the second version in Audacity to compare both. I am afraid, even after listening to Alan Levine’s tutorial, downloading all the software and producing a decent file – I abandoned it because I could not visualise what I was doing as easily as I could with GarageBand. So, I have it and can now use it but plan to continue to learn GarageBand as my editor of choice as it feels more intuitive to me.

I have remixed the podcast I posted last week, the content is the similar but you can actually hear it all more clearly now thanks to Rochelle and Christina’s awesome tips in their latest video.

I have learnt how to produce a podcast with extras which I will be able to share as soon as I workout how to get it from GarageBand to the Web without iWeb and with its chapters and photos intact. Meantime, you will have to trust me that each chapter, had a title, its own photo and a link to the clip it referred to. I thought it would make a great resource. 

I am curious to hear if you listen to both, what you think of each when you compare them. I think this one is more usable, more professional but the other one is more surreal and ‘RadioLab’.

At least this time I did what I wanted, even if file type conflicts do not allow me to post it. If anyone wants to see it, leave me a comment and I can share the GarageBand File on Dropbox.

Okay, now I move on to telling stories with photos 2 days late. Oh! but wait there is no late in Ds106, just 4 life and no sleep.