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in which i attempt to ask the most overused question of all time: how did you learn to draw? and then there’s a follow-up: where can i learn to do that?


Great question! Unfortunately, I haven’t taken any art classes, aside from a couple in high school and middle school. I got angry when my 7th grade art teacher told me my drawings of hands relied too heavily on outline, but I think she was probably right.

I learned to draw comics by studying the work of cartoonists I admired. I’ve been most influenced by the loose, expressive drawings of Roz Chast and the precise, minimally designed panels of Tom Gauld. I think that drawing style and ability is fluid – it changes drastically over the course of a career, and sometimes over the course of a single comic strip. I try to constantly search for new visual influences to inspire my drawings, and I still get frustrated at my artistic limitations.

My best advice is to become a connoisseur of color, composition, and line quality. Hopefully by trying to draw like a few different people at once, you’ll end up drawing like yourself. 

Wise advise on how to learn! #ds106


Flower on Flickr.


I have a new name for what I like: iPhonelomo!

Looks like there are digital lomography photographers here on Tumblr! Awesome. I will be learning from them. 

A #DS106 Dog walk trying out my digital Lomography camera – my cheap plastic lens camera! 

Here is all I know about Lomography apart from I like the images I have seen associated with it.

Lomography, lomo or lomographs are photos that are taken on a whim – ignoring all the recommended techniques normally associated with photography. Lomography will fit in around your life and not control it, lomography can be described as the opposite of professional photography. 

Trust me to find something that is the opposite of something! I am interested in the analogue version and wanted to buy an Holga and start fiddling with film too. I was unsure if it would be just another gadget for the ‘forgotten gadget cabinet’ so I wondered: There must be a digital Lomography Camera. Boom!

Digital Lomo – Dont Think – Just Shoot and the site recommends certain cameras for this purpose.

I got one, it is simple simple to use and I am not sure how it differs from any other cheap camera I might have bought, but I am having a bit of fun taking strange looking photos. It looks like it will do burst and short video – already thinking about fast cut abstract giffing.

I will be learning and exploring in the next few weeks. It looks like Digital Lomography is the opposite of Lomography – those in the know only shoot analogue. Yet it also looks like Photoshop can give me Lomo-like photos. If Lomography is the opposite of  Professional Photography, and digital Lomography is the opposite of Lomography, then does that mean that I am right back to being a professional? Whatever the label – I am fascinated by a culture and community that encourages rule-breaking to create.

I cannot join it though until I jump in and buy my Holga Starter Kit at Amazon. Digital Lomography Photographers seem not to be ‘a thing’ on the Internet that I can find. So if I keep to the 10 rules with my digi-lomo camera then I may even get the one I have been wanting for years. Take the plunge into the past and real 35mm film. I cannot wait. Check it out:

Story time: A freaky Daily Create indeed

When Rochelle saw me ‘being taken away by Scotland Yard’ after this photo was uncovered of me ‘showing off my recent heist of Viking antiquities from the new Vikings Live Exhibit at the British museum’, I did say: “I just had to have it. It was calling out to me.”.

I came out on bail, gave back everything except the one necklace.

Each time I wear it, I feel like scratching my ear and get a strange urge to chew wood. It looks so gorgeous, I just cannot resist it. Lately it seems like something is hiding inside it – I feel a presence in the necklace when I put it on. 

Now where is that bone, I hid in the garden? I think I might chew on it before bed.

Created with Petswitch for the Daily Create today. This is the sort of thing that gives DS106 a bad name – I love that!


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