An example of collaboration

So I became obsessed with friction matches in Noir and wrote about that a while back. 

I created a script based on something I heard on Double Indemnity and made a video commercial. I was not happy with the voices as I did them myself and then changed them in Garageband. As we were working on a collaborative radio show for Noir106, I decided to turn it into a radio commercial and asked for help from the community.

This is the kind of thing that makes the open web so special. I asked dogtrax for help and he did the most awesome voiceover. I asked Karen Young (@karenatsharon) for help and she did the greatest femme fatale voice ever. With such great voices and script, I had to find some awesome music and who better than The Headless Inkspots to provide original noir inspired music? DS106 is pretty lucky to have them as part of our community.

In sum? I think this is the best commercial ever, and it shows how a simple idea can turn into something special as different people bring their gifts to it. Thank you all, and roll on the Fabulous Femmes Fatales Show on Rockylou Radio this March with the irrepressible Ms Talky Tina in a starring role as Daphne de Beauvoir. 

Stop press: Ms Talky Tina in conflict with Rockylou Radio Productions. Read all about it!