I saw this on the DS106 stream today. 

I liked it and realised it was a photo of something found on the web. I tracked the source to Go Origami. I decided to use the idea and create a winged bat in origami for my daily create today.

I found a You Tube Tutorial, of course! I followed it and made my first origami figure!


and also made a little friend for the bat.


Total time 1 hour. I am wondering about the new Daily Create WordPress theme. 

It seems to encourage ‘responses’ that are only a tweet, often containing unattributed images and no actual creation involved – unless we take the ability to send a tweet as creating? I wonder if we need to rephrase ‘my response to today’s daily create is…’. Something more like ‘post a link to what you create today to Twitter’. 

The old site was designed to make this clearer. For example, Flickr is clearly a place for one’s own photos – posting there first makes it clear that the response expected is one’s own creation as a result of the prompt. The writing prompts offered an editor form for people to write a story, this made it clear that the prompt ‘write a story’ meant more than write 140 characters ::thinking::

Happy Halloween y’all!