So, we have been playing #emojimovie over on Twitter.

That led to a Daily Create asking us to make an emoji poster movie. I have been pondering on what to do and how to do it. I decided to play with minimalist posters and find a way to depict my favourite movie in Emoji. 

I do not like emoji much and much prefer Japanese emoticons. They work horizontally rather than vertically and I like the creativity within constraints they demonstrate. So I cheated. I used 2 the one for ‘crying’ and the one for ‘catching an umbrella in the rain’ on several lines underneath. I positioned the crying one at the top so that his tears disappear in the rain…

I wanted a background that was ‘like rain’ and that was harder than I thought in Photoshop. I needed a tutorial.

I then played with Photoshop and made various versions – my favourites in this post. I cannot yet decide which one will be submitted to the Daily Create. I think the rain effect needed to be a night time rain effect to give it a darker look. Not today. 

And good luck guessing the movie!

Can you guess?