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See the awesome one at Gfycat as usual!

I decided to try an assignment Michael Branson Smith submitted to the bank a while back. I have been thinking about it for a while. Could not think about the tools I would need and had to read Michael’s own example a few times to understand it. In his post he refers to the subreddit Behind the GIFs which is hilarious! We chatted about it on Twitter the other day and I thought my Homer gif might be an easy place to start creating a comic strip like this. 

This is my result. 

Behind the scenes

The thinking to get to the panels I cannot fathom. Michael was going with the forks but I decided to go with Rover. I thought about actually drawing it IRL. I thought about some app or other. I thought about online generators. I went back to Photoshop thinking it would be easier. Was it hell!

Found Rover’s photos and that part of easy. Yet they all looked different. I remembered I bought a sketching plug in in Photoshop – thought this might unify the images. Bingo. I went with black and red because black and red on Prisoner site. Then I had to get everything in on place, sizing, behind, in front, linking frames so that I could move the gif around, blah, blah, blah. There must be an easier way. Michael suggests using MS paint app, may be I should go with that next time. When I loaded the gif in it had some grey pixels – had to fix that and it looks funny if you look closely. Don’t look closely. 

Gearing up for a busy summer of DS106 I decided to turn today’s daily create into my first proper assignment. It is called Splash the colour and I had a little help from the lovely Jack Hylan to get it done. He made a tutorial to make it easy and enjoyable. 

The prompt for the daily create asked us ‘see beyond the buildings’. I looked out of my office window to see the beautiful roses outside. I wondered if I could take a photo from the inside that would show the window (building) and focus on what was beyond it (the flower). I did that. 

Then I wondered if I could make one of those photos where everything is black and white and only a splash of colour. I used to have a cheap camera that did that automatically, I still miss that camera. 

Then I remembered Jack and his towel. All I did was follow his tutorial exactly and then add my tacky pink frame, I could not help it. I wanted the pink to highlight the roses. 

Well, that is me dusting the blog up for this DS106 summer!

Practising Reflection

Happy 1000th Daily Create to all of us


With this being TDC number 1000, our odometer is rolling over to a new row of numbers. Combine, remix, collage at least three images from previous TDCs to show the POWER of the Daily Create:

Will you be around for TDC10000 ? #4life and beyond…

Thanks Tim, Brian and Zack for providing awesome art to remix today.

“Even when it rains the daily create shows us the way”

So, I recently found out about the Comic Alliance and started following them on Twitter. On their site I found a comic by Andrew MacLean that seems interesting and I was drawn to the style of the illustrations. I wanted to remember the publication date for the future, so sent the link to Pocket for never finding again.

On a separate event it is Giulia’s birthday and she wants to keep it quiet. 

Well, this oddly configured mind’  (best description ever, thanks Sandy!) put these two things together and did a quick creative edit for Giulia.

Happy birthday Mighty Doodler, you will be remembered ‘til the end of time!

A Fortune Telling Noir Poster

Jim Groom talked about the patent pending assignment on his blog. A post on #wire106 the run of #ds106 now at a terminal near you. I went to Tom’s Blog and he had pretty detailed details on how to do it!

Loved it. I just followed instructions and worked with Photoshop.

The week in doggies! All thanks to a conversation on Twitter. An emergent DS106 assignment ‘Remix (in a dog appropriate manner) a Bond movie title and create a poster’. I learnt more about Photoshop from trying to do a good job of these ‘silly posters’ than I have in a long time. 

Starring: Daphne as Miss Doggy Galore, Gifadog as Colin Bond, Spike as E. Cowfield, Abby as the Digital Diva and Chewy as the werewolf puppy

‘Children and Daphne’ by Jim Groom ‘Bones are forever’ by Viv Rolfe ‘Reeborn’ and ‘Cop Pup’ by Ron L the other posters by the DS106 Shrink.

Yes, I know the last 2 do not fit the Bond theme. The translation machine (me!) from Twitter to Google Plus was faulty and the assignment got re-interpreted there but Chewy is too cute not to include here. 

Who knows what else might get remixed. May be we can start #posterfight to complement #giffight ?

What fun to delete my least favourite Bond from the poster!

More Photoshop practice – I can’t stop now! Thanks to @cogdog for the film title and @gifadog for posing so beautifully.

Yes, I will blog my process if anyone wants me to. Just ask. It was long and involved lots of layers as usual.

The joy of DS106 as therapy!

Find a CC0 poster anywhere you can, with CC0 there is no need to keep track of where or when. I found this poster somewhere on the Interwebz with the intention to use it weeks ago but I did not.

Use a lovely tutorial created by a kind DS106 participant like Jack Hylan to learn a little more about Photoshop and remember another lovely DS106 participant, Rochelle, talking about ‘Skew’ in Photoshop. 

Sprinkle an interesting Daily Create and adapt to taste.

I now feel ready to try my next poster ‘License to Chew’ – a new movie starring Colin Bond, the star of ‘Bones are forever’.

Who needs to pay for a shrink when there is DS106 for your mental Health?

Original photos by Ivette Harvey  edited in Photoshop by the DS106 Shrink using awesome tutorial by Jack Hylan Both just starting DS106 at University of Mary Washington for a grade and for fun!

This photo set is my way to say thanks to both for joining in with us open participants and making our community that much richer.


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