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A postcard from space! You can see the interactive version here and thank your Anna Cow for the inspiration. 

I did edit the photo in Photoshop – just cropped to taste and got rid of a few colours and a little dither.

Credit photo to NASA Ames Research Center

Train your attention now

No time to lose

when things fall apart.

In this very life,

Wise up.

I decided to comply and do yesterday’s daily create properly this morning. In reviewing several spine poems I noticed I was attracted to short ones ( i.e. those that had fewer books) and I noticed one in particular that lined up the titles of the books as if it were the written word. I liked that. I worked quite a long time with the composition of the photo and when I opened it in Photoshop, there was nothing I wanted to edit. Result. 

The GIFAChrome Camera – Special Glitch Art Edition

A review by Colin the Dog 


yes, I bought a GAC camera!

As a busy dog around the countryside, I have no time to mess with GIMP layers and the like. I needed a camera that would take the hard work out of my serious animated gif work. I am glad I settled on the new GAC camera used together with the new animated gif printing services by GifPop my gift buying troubles for these holidays are over.

It has to be said that I like a pretty bitch when I meet one and, so long as they allow a sniff and a pee near them, I feel free to ask them to pose for a quick photo shoot. You can see some of my pretty conquests below. I have the special Glitch Art Edition so my photos have that added ‘arty dog about the farm’ look not achievable with the basic edition. If you can stretch to spending that little bit more, then buy the dog in your life that special edition with glitch art functionality. You need special GLITCHaCHROME 106 film for it but it is worth every penny!


When on a countryside ramble, I am not just after girls. I appreciate a sniff around the farm any day, and my GAC is invaluable when preserving beautiful Sussex skies. 


This is one was taken when my mate the Cogdog came to visit. He still uses an old fashioned non-gif-chrome camera. I don’t know who buys those any more.

For the busy dog around the countryside, one who likes the ladies as well as the scenery, there is no better camera than the GAC. Add it to your list for Santa and for goodness sake, you Headless 13 lot, get a gift fund going to get my friend the Cogdog a GAC before Friday 13th! He needs one.


Well, I am a lucky dog! The company that sells the GIFAChrome Camera read my review an look at what they made for me!


You can see a summary of my review and the original image here where you can also email requests for anything gifachrome related. Their post forgot to mention that the gif printing services are from Gifpop.io not from RockyLou productions itself. I sent an email to ask them to change that. I hear a new whizzy website is  on the cards too but still very much under wraps. Watch this space. This dog has his nose to the ground.

Stop Press! December 09 – I created my first audio on SoundCloud. 

After the nice people at Gifachrome made the lovely print above, I had to reciprocate and endorse the product beyond just words. I made them a Soundcloud!

It took a long time searching for the source.

This was earliest source I could find in Google Image Search, which is a great way to track the life of an image. I go to the oldest reference and search from there for copyright information. I did not succeed with this image. My search took me here to tumblr 11 months ago.  I love the picture and would like to use it but source it properly. Did you create this?

Let me know how you want attribution if used for educational purposes?

Check google image search here.

A head 4 Headless 13

Saying like peanut butter this morning. I worked on the part of the assignment that asks to ‘make sure the movement is minimal but essential’. i am getting the hang of deleting non-essential frames. Definitely better to be animated than un-animated! Used both photoshop and Gimp. Gimp to get the rough animation and Photoshop to get the detail and the frame speed right. Film clip from Buñuel again.

If anyone needs some guidance to start giffing – a great post by a new recruit here and you will also read details of DS106’s collaborative animated gif project in his post.

A quick gif post-secret assignment for Rochelle and her Salon Participants. The dream is to self-build my next house. The tree house to illustrate my building skill levels. Briefly played with existing gif in Gimp. 

I watched this film a few days ago and it made a real impact on me. From the trailer:

Paris, 2020.
A beautiful couple, a city over-saturated by holograms and digital stream.
A polaroid camera.
Tomorrow will never be the same. 

An electromagnetic storm wipes out all our data, worldwide. The only thing he has left is an old polaroid she took before he left him for spending too much time on social media. 

I put this together with a quote from Alone Together by Sherry Turkle:
We are not in a position to let the virtual take us away from our stewardship of nature, the nature that doesn’t go away with a power outage.
The moment captured in this image has been running in my head for days so I thought I would do some giffing. I did not want it to loop forever, but to stop and give the sense of it all breaking up when it ended. However, it looks like this will not work with Tumblr so I slowed it down a little and looped it forever.
Followed Michael’s tutorial again, and experimented with a few more settings in GIMP. I did want the glass smashing to make more of an impact. I need to play with it more.
However, I want to end with Alan Levine’s comment on watching the movie:
Hard to empathize with a digital dude who did not make local backups of media 😉

Update: I am submitting this gif as an assignment for the assignment ‘saying it like peanut butter’. I did it a few days ago, it was one of the first gifs I made properly (i.e not with an automated tool) and it was inspired by a film that moved me. 


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