I watched this film a few days ago and it made a real impact on me. From the trailer:

Paris, 2020.
A beautiful couple, a city over-saturated by holograms and digital stream.
A polaroid camera.
Tomorrow will never be the same. 

An electromagnetic storm wipes out all our data, worldwide. The only thing he has left is an old polaroid she took before he left him for spending too much time on social media. 

I put this together with a quote from Alone Together by Sherry Turkle:
We are not in a position to let the virtual take us away from our stewardship of nature, the nature that doesn’t go away with a power outage.
The moment captured in this image has been running in my head for days so I thought I would do some giffing. I did not want it to loop forever, but to stop and give the sense of it all breaking up when it ended. However, it looks like this will not work with Tumblr so I slowed it down a little and looped it forever.
Followed Michael’s tutorial again, and experimented with a few more settings in GIMP. I did want the glass smashing to make more of an impact. I need to play with it more.
However, I want to end with Alan Levine’s comment on watching the movie:
Hard to empathize with a digital dude who did not make local backups of media 😉

Update: I am submitting this gif as an assignment for the assignment ‘saying it like peanut butter’. I did it a few days ago, it was one of the first gifs I made properly (i.e not with an automated tool) and it was inspired by a film that moved me.