Today’s daily create asked us to create  calming collage. At the same time I saw a tweet from David Kernohan about Sway. A tool to create interactive digital stories from Microsoft. I thought I could make me collage this way to try it.

This shrink is not impressed. I could not preview video in the editor, add music or gifs (though I did not try to upload any of mine). You have little by way of customisation but can tell the system how much stuff matters through the use of focus points and level of importance as it formats. Fonts are very limited. 

What is nice? If you just use their content the pre-sort and tags (with hyperlink if you click the image) creative commons content for you. Now this is a winning feature for those of us in a hurry or too lazy to attribute. You can choose how the interactive story is viewed: one page down, one page sideways, one item at a time. You can edit easily within the limits of the tool, all devices friendly helps. It seems, though I did not test, that you can have more than one authors. 

Looks like you must have an outlook account to get in, but luckily gifadog already does his email there. 

I would use again if I had a written story and just wanted to create a quick transmedia artefact. The no music thing is not great, the number of ways in which you can group things is. It is designed as ‘cards’ that you put in a storyline, easy to learn. 

Here is my collage for calm after an hour of using only their content.Scroll down in the embed to view, but looks better on their site.