Well, I had to get back on the animated gif horse!

I chickened out of the Tate submissions as I fear I am just not good enough to enter. I failed splendidly at not being scared. 

Then I saw this,

and as Sandy has mixed feeling about gifs Alan Levine joked with her in relation to the video that opens her amazing adventure from a Blue Hawaiian Helicopter:

It is worth reading the whole conversation which ends with me jumping and saying:

I could not resist. The helicopter video was begging to be giffed. I downloaded, Mpeg Streamclipped it to pick my ‘moment’, then Gimped it as I like to do basic editing on there first, Photoshopped it – learnt about Tweening to get the helicopter to emerge from the mist and played with various other filters. I added the watermark ‘Gif is art’ alluding to John Johnston’s post about the the other day. There is much I would do to make it better, but not tonight. Thank you Sandy for getting me making art today – I have been too lost in meta-talk and not enough doing!

I need to show my hand and say that my favourite of all the Tate’s Gif submissions is the one the one with the skeleton, of the ones I have seen from us here in DS106…I love them all! We will win, one of us will win….