Well, working with the ancient code for The Village web club has led to this shrink going back to basics. I kind of need to do more than just copy and paste code I do not understand, so learning HTML from scratch. Still,  my little hideaway under the village is coming along. I even managed to learn how to do strikethrough in ancient code (not trivial as we are working with HTML 3 as I understand it)  HT to Christina for pointing me to the Code Academy. It was easy to get started and get going. I want to understand something about the overall structure of a web page, else I am never going to be able to make my village hideaway cosy and comfy. 

“I just love his idea of introducing this space as one folks who are creating on the web and pushing to teach themselves new things within a focused community might explore together. It’s fun, it’s personable, it’s focused, and it’s educational!”

Yes, Jim. You are on the money and John is finally getting me to do more than just copy and paste code I kind of understand but not really! Cheers, John!

We could create a text based adventure game underground?