We follow our report on DS106 radio last night with evidence that Ada Lovelace did indeed give exclusive access to the New Scientist and confirmed she was turned in to a vampire by Babbage himself. 


You can read the full interview and confirm DS106 Radio’s sources online. If it is on the interwebz, then it must be true.

[Disclaimer – this is an assignment for DS106 Headless 13. All complaints should be addressed to  the comments section on their website]

Reflections and summary of week 9

It has been such fun to experiment with X-ray Goggles. I have learnt more about web page structure and have experimented with changing a few basic things on a web page to tell a story in one page. I was fascinated by this idea from Martha’s post – choices we make in content, design that enable us to tell a story in one page. In my case I only wanted to play with the content as I wanted it to seem that the content was from the original website and that it was a genuine interview. I was helped by the fact that the original webpage was a little tongue in cheek already. The piece was using original quotes from Lovelace writing to simulate an original interview. And with a title of ‘My brain is more than merely mortal’ – who could resist creating a Halloween story for our extra radio show?

I was not familiar with the idea of using the web itself to tell stories. I loved some of the examples we learnt about, but my favourite one was the resume as an amazon product. In DS106, Martha’s idea of a machine that automated DS106 work tickled me but the page is no longer available and when asking her where I could buy one, alas I was dissapointed:


I loved this week. I (almost) managed to get all the requests on the weekly announcement done and more! Our @talkyteam managed a special Halloween edition of ‘DS106 Shrinking the big questions’ an assignment over and above the call of duty. Once again such a joy to work with this group of people. This time we were busy – we did not talk to each other on hangouts, we did it all asynch through G-docs and emails under the sterling direction of Karen ‘Bossy’ Young. For myself, I looked at the outline proposed by Karen, added ideas as I thought of them, and just made some art, Bub! Our editor had control over what was used on the final version of the show – I just had fun creating more audio artefacts.

I also have done my first live  radio broadcasts – a 3 hour marathon with John Johnston to premiere our original radio shows here in Europe, and a couple of test broadcasts with Alan Levine to enable me to headline our radio show live.

I did not complete the 5 comments with the fictional character on assorted blogs the announcement requested. I wanted to do Chatty Colin commenting on DS106 from a dog’s eyes. Or get Mia Culpa my depressed clever vampire to comment of what she saw produced on DS106 blogs. I just ran out of time and was more motivated to create more audio from weeks 7/8. 

I am likely to create more one page stories, but also I can use what I have learnt in this fun way to adapt pages I may need for my teaching. It was a lot easier than I expected….and I only wonder one thing: which data centre in the world stores all the pages Hackasaurus produces? Your webpage link appears as if by magic – I love that. And yes, I guess I should have downloaded the file and uploaded it to my own site, but life is too short and I really have no desire for complete recollection. I am now starting to reflect on this whole archiving idea – using the internet to give us the super-memory we do not have….but that is for another day.