Well, I am supposed to tell you about my procedures for getting to my artefact. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

Let me just say that I have spent 4 hours on this assignment and have been through: You Tube, Mpeg streamclip, GarageBand and iMovie. Several tutorials to learn basics on iMovie and here is the result. I wanted to do a 4star assignment from the DS016 bank. I did it. Here was the brief:

Take any video. (The worse the video, the easier this is. Look for something with virtually no action. If it’s exciting, you’ll never keep up.)  Add your voice over as if you were a local TV news anchor attempting to provide color commentary without stating anything overtly factual. Add all the hedge words and banalities that exemplify this kind of coverage.

There seemed little educational point to it to start with, but it seemed a lot of fun.

Yet creating the commentary to an existing film has taught me about synching audio to video, about how I could have done the whole thing in iMovie, and a lot about editing and creating audio. 

Without further ado, I give you my film debut: