Phonar task 3 asks that we tell a story using just our voice.

No soundscape, no music, no photos. Just voice. We are to use this task to help us reflect on the gravity of the storyteller – the responsibility we carry when we choose to tell stories, particularly other people’s stories. We are asked to put a stake in the ground, take the risk to share something about ourselves. A story of no more than 3 minutes. I had to put my thinking cap on and sleep on it. I will wake up tomorrow and record it.

And I did. 

It would have been easy to tell a story any story. I have led a nomadic life since i was 2 weeks old, so colourful personal stories abound. Yet, I understood the task to be about a willingness to tell about something at that edge where we are not sure we want to tell it. At that edge where we feel vulnerable sharing with strangers. Interesting how ideas come to mind when we sleep and how even in sleep we try to convince ourselves that this particular idea is perhaps not the best one. I have learnt with experience that leaning into what we resist brings the most learning. 

So here it is. A spoken narrative.