Thank you Seth, for this lovely saying.

I hope God will send me thread as I sit to write my 2 week reflection post again. I spent all morning putting it together and did not save my work. I have had the opportunity to connect with the ephemeral nature of the web and with the ill-will of a mind full of unmet expectations. No, Tumblr does not auto-save drafts. Just breathing and noticing my attachment to completion, as I start again and keep saving every sentence.

I start again with half an idea of how I may put this together with the time I have left before I need to move on to the next thing. Have a tantrum? Write a stinking letter to Tumblr and meet them up the stairs?

i will just get on with my reflections for weeks 7 and 8 and write them down for a second time – may be with fewer links and shorter than the previous version, but reflections anyway.

Key insights:

  • Daily creates help me get into the habit of making stuff but do not meet any real quality criteria. I have done many and most I have forgotten. They fulfil a need in the moment but have no permanence
  • Assignments give me more time to wok on something and get it to a standard I assess to be ‘good enough’ – I prefer to work this way
  • These last 2 weeks have taught me much and left much work in progress
  • The highlight of the 2 weeks has been the radio show and whilst you can listen to the show below, i will be writing about my learning from it separately as there is much both practical and theoretical I want to unpack from the project. 

Of all the daily creates these last two weeks I like this one best,


It was done in response to TDC643 draw the internet. I like it because it started as a screenshot of a film I made for the same daily create and it ended up as I played with photoshop as something that emerged – just like the web does each day we connect with it. 

As far as audio my favourite was the create I made up for myself visiting the Phonar course.

Of the assignments my favourites are 2:

Both challenged me in different ways, one expanded my mental models of the value of audio, the other helped me expand my technical skills using GarageBand and iMovie.

I said that these 2 weeks have left me in flux with work in progress, I have begun a web and I hope God will send thread in the shape of time to complete this work and start week 9 before the end of week 9!

Here is the list:

  • Pictures for your ears podcast – editing a joint effort between two hashtag classrooms: DS106 and Phonar. I have been inspired by my interviews so far and hope a regular slot on DS106 radio may emerge
  • ColinPods – i have started a new blog for audio photos. I love the idea and want to do many more
  • Talky Team’s radio project blog post here – my personal experience
  • Keep getting better at all the tools as I am still limited by my lack of skill in bringing about the ideas I imagine
  • A ‘serious’ blog post about team process and facilitation of virtual teams – this project experience has made me question much of the received wisdom I work from when I facilitate executive teams in the workplace
  • I want to do a podcast shrinking another big question ‘is DS106 addictive?’ I have asked another Headless13 participant if I can use a conversation we recorded a while back as a starting point

What is the most important practical tip I have learnt this week? You guessed it – save your [add your own expletive] drafts regularly. The biggest insight? I am learning to be less about explanation and more about imagination.