I cannot even begin to talk about how I produced this monstrosity ( is that a word?) I has taken hours and hours and more effort than just writing a weekly summary for sure. I was happy with the content…but at some point I clicked ‘give me awesome echo now’ and did not notice. It was not intentional and I cannot find a way to get rid of it in Garageband. I noticed that the different clips in the podcast were not levelled. I downloaded the Levelator and hoped to even different volumes in the podcast, but it was not to be. It turns out it does not take mp3 files. 

I set out to make my first podcast and have done it. It is an example of the great gap that exists between my impeccable taste and what I am able to produce as a beginner. Still, I got practice with Garageband, Quicktime, Soundflower, Levelator, and got to listen to my ‘nuggets’ for the week a zillion times as I tried to put the podcast together. Here is wishing the next one will be easier.