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Well, this was supposed to be a quick one. I wanted to gif part of my Addicted movie trailer  for today’s daily create. I decided to go with one of those easy peasy generators. This is the sucky gif it made and I could not leave it at that. I cannot leave a sucky gif out there… So, I had to go back to my own work flow: ScreenFlow, edit movie, export movie, import movie into photoshop, make the gif. The result: 27 frames, 628×590, just over 1MB and the manic timing I wanted to show how addictive DS106 can be; enacting what the gif describes by taking most of the afternoon to make something that is meant to take no more than 30 minutes! Bye for now. Heading to my DS106 anonymous meeting. 

I am back! 

My first #DS106 task? An animated gif for a new friend who is having a tough time. The ideal gif to send anyone who is annoying you! Enjoy.

Uggie, the star of The Artist, died today. He was 13 and had cancer. He had a fab little life after a tough start and (apparently) loved hotdogs… I did not know that when I made this gif or the caption could have read: Anyone said hotdogs? You were the cutest JR aside from my own gifadog of course. Rest in peace, buddy. Here he is doing tricks for Ellen, so brilliant!

Paul Miller disconnected from the Internet for a year. At the end of that year, this is how he says he felt. Discuss.

Animated Gif by gifadog from original film footage by In Limbo TV.  See better version on Gfycat 

Relaxing with a daily create gif tonight. Tried Todd’s quaint way and I like it! 

Here is the HD at Gfycat worth a look!

So, I am starting to explore Cine Noir for this run of DS106. At the risk of being burnt at the stake, I am not interested in watching the films! Yet, I love the style of them and the way in which ‘the sets and atmosphere reflect the characters inner turmoil’ or so I read in my overview google dive last night. I also love the typography and how it uses the form to express the emotional tone of the story. It is surprisingly difficult to find out detail about the original types. I have found two fonts that I want to play with: Metropolis and   Stroke. It looks like Typewriter can also be used. So how do you get the ‘noir feel’ to an animated gif? Best way to see that was to make one from one of the most famous film Noir I know! Use of light, high contrast and that closed in vignette around the image. I noticed also that everything seems sharp and clean – clothes, posters, people and typography. I like that. How the figure gets closer and closer….scary!

I know nothing about Cine Noir. I now something about Tech Noir as most of my favourite films are about dystopian futures. 

There is a lot to learn and, heads up, creative edits of Cine Noir posters will be a pig of a job to do! 

The how of this gif will have to wait for now. The joy of being an open participant, no deadlines!

Gifadog and I are trying to learn how to restore old classic cartoons. 

It is hard! I asked the Interwebz for help and bionicteaching helped with a Photoshop Tutorial and advise that it is slow work. It seems that my dream to find a way to clean up a whole video is now about learning to clean video frame by frame. stefaniesophie suggested learning painting technique. As I understand this, it is to learn the nature and type of different types of painting to enable you to restore old frames accurately. 

So I turned to the animated gif for help. I took an original classic cartoon from the public domain, edited in a movie editor to get only the scenes that I wanted to improve and then started to make animated gifs of the frames and clean them up.

There are an incredible number of parameters that can be adjusted in post processing with Photoshop and Premiere Pro. I have little idea of where to start. Above are our early attempts. I must admit to feeling a little like the proverbial dog with too many balls. 

“The Mind’s I " by The DS106 Shrink

Cindy said in her post:

"Looking for an inspiration, I searched for ‘mind’s eye’ …”

She also said she was not a gif maker so I thought I would make a few gifs for her post.

Source: Archive.org

Animated gif by @gifadog source video: Beowulf Animated (1998)

Made to support #HEAmonsters conference presentation by @mdvfunes “Wrestling your Inner MOOC” .



“I must attempt a mind meld.” (Star Trek the Motion Picture, 1979)


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